Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage Lenders

A mortgage lender is an entity, that provides financing for the purchase of real estate with the expectation that the funds will be repaid according to the terms in the loan agreement.

There are different types of mortgage lenders in which each offer diverse terms and options for you. In Ronin Mortgage we have been finding the best options available for our clients and their specific situation or necessities during 30 years, so we know exactly how the process in done and most importantly how to get the results you want in the best terms and rates possible. We use our experience and hard work to make sure to obtain the best mortgage for you!

Our experts fight to earn the lowest interest rates available anywhere and we do not stop until getting the best option possible for you and your specific needs.

In general terms, there are 3 types of lenders: Bank Lenders, B Lenders and Private Lenders. At Ronin Mortgage, we always lookout for the clients interest first, that’s why we usually try bank type lenders which have the best rates, in case the bank can not approve the mortgage due to credit or income, the next tier is a B Lender and the last option is Private lenders. Even if we place a client with a B or private lender,, we will help guide them in steps on how to improve their credit and what they can do with the income so that in 6 months or a year’s time we can place them back with a major lender or bank.

Click on the different type of mortgage lenders below to learn more of the differences on each.

We also pick up the costs for the appraisal fees depending on the mortgage amount and cover the cost of the notary.

We guarantee that our rates are lower than if you walk straight into the bank!

Not only do you get a better rate by going through Ronin Mortgage, you will also save on legal fees and appraisal fees!