Mortgage Renewals


Your mortgage renewal date is quickly approaching. If you don’t renew your mortgage, your lender has the right to foreclose on your house. Looks like your mortgage company has you just where they want you, and can charge what they want for mortgage renewals. Vancouver residents, remember: this has happened before.


For mortgage renewals, Vancouver residents previously had no recourse to address banks offered a rate higher than necessary to renew a mortgage. Let us negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your Vancouver mortgage company offers a fair mortgage renewal rate. Quite often this is lower than the officially published rates. We make this possible by employing professional brokers who have special relationships with banks across Vancouver. If your plans involve mortgage renewals, we can ensure that you get the best mortgage renewal rate available anywhere.

When it comes to mortgage renewals, it’s a fact that most people will be offered a terrible rate. It is absolutely vital that you do not leave your mortgage renewal until the last minute. You need time to be able to get banks and lenders to compete for your rate. It’s more crucial to have a mortgage broker working for you on renewal than it is when you first buy your home. Banks are still going to try to be competitive for you if you’re a first time home buyer. But for home renewals, hiring a mortgage company is the only way to be sure that you get offered a fair rate.

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