• Jessica Newberry

    We are so thrilled!! Thank you so much for everything your absolutely amazing!!!

  • Celeste Anderson

    That is great news! Thank you both Gary and Helen for all your help and of course for answering my many questions!

  • Richard Hastings

    Hello Gary, Helen & Team,

    Thank you again for all your help with my mortgage, answering my many questions and making the biggest investment of my life as smooth as possible! Lots of delays with the building and permits but it is all done now and I have been moved in since Saturday. It all happened lightning fast last week, Tuesday the notary called and the bank wanted to move everything up a few days. It’s a good thing I was all organized!

    Thank you again for everything!


  • Gale

    So thank you for giving me Gary Bains name and office as another option, I will definitely put him on my list of good Mortgage Brokers. Cheers

  • Shirley Louie

    With my busy schedule, Ronin mortgage was able to get my mortgage approval at ease. They shopped for the best rates for me without having me go shop around in my own time. They were very efficient and their service was fantastic! I highly recommend them to anyone I know.

  • Ben LimRealtor

    I have had Gary and his team work with several clients of mine recently, all of whom have been very pleased with Ronin Mortgage Brokers’ services. As a Realtor, it is important that my clients are taken care of, and not left out in the dark. He is always working to get the best rate, and terms possible (even if it is not through him!). Gary had mentioned to me the other day, that for certain deals, it is better to go to certain banks to get a loan or mortgage, as he cannot always compete or get the best deal for a client. In those cases, he will let the client know. When looking to get a mortgage or refinance, give Gary a call.

  • Christine MProud Homeowner

    I knew absolutely nothing when it came to purchasing my first condo. I was referred to Ronin Mortgage through a friend. They were so patient with me while answering the millions of questions I had. They also got me the lowest rate. Now I’m a proud homeowner. Thanks Ronin Mortgage!